Emma Kenny Introduces Mums Mental Health Fortnight

Welcome to Mums Mental Health fortnight on Channel Mum – #CMYANA You Are Not Alone – Emma Kenny is here to let you know what’s happening and how you can get involved as we launch our ground-breaking, Mums Mental Health video course.

The first three videos will go live at 2pm on Wednesday and another three videos will go live the following week. Whether you’re suffering from mental health problems, anxiety, depression or you’re simply having a bad day, Channel Mum’s psychologist-in-residence, Emma Kenny is here to help.

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Hi ❤️


Good to know not alone


Do please come and talk about about how you are feeling today. If it's a bad day Emma and a whole team of mums will be there to help. If it's a good day, maybe you can help someone else who isn't so good today? https://www.channelmum.com/chat/

It's the most horrible feeling when you have one it makes me tired I just end up sleeping x

I love these videos when I started watching this video I started crying I suffer from anxiety and depression and at the moment been really struggling and I have been feeling very alone but listening to you has gave me something to focus on ❤️

Slap the eyeliner on and good to go lol xx