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The Channel Mum Support Group is full of other mums to chat to as well as a whole host of experts and our trained parent helpers who are there to help you with any problems and worries you might have. If you are part of Channel Mum, you are not alone. Find out who they are below:

Emma Kenny in a circleEmma Kenny

Emma Kenny is our psychologist in residence and is exceptional at what she does. Although working across all boards, you will find her mainly on the Mums’ Mental Health and Baby Loss and Miscarriage boards and you can find out more about her background here.


Maggie Fisher in a circleMaggie Fisher

Maggie is a lovely and very experienced health visitor who specialises in baby sleep and relationships. You will find her on the Baby Clinic and Mums’ Mental Health boards mainly although she visits them all. Find out more about Maggie here.


Larisa CordaLarisa Corda

Larisa is our Women’s Health and Fertility Expert. She is a Consultant in Fertility Medicine and is currently running the Channel Mum Fertility Course.  You can regularly find her answering questions and providing support on the Trying to Conceive Support Boards. Read more about Larisa here.


Dr Andrew Mayers

Dr Andrew Mayers
Andrew is an academic psychologist specialising in mental health, particularly perinatal mental health. As well as teachingclinical psychology at Bournemouth University, Andrew is also Patron for both his local branches of Samaritans and Mind, has published many works on the topic of Psychology and Mental Health and actively campaigns for raising better awareness for mental health, and challenge stigma and discrimination. You’ll find him on our Mum’s Mental Health board advising both mums and dads and specifically supporting Pregnant mums who are struggling with Perinatal mental health and equipping those who are worried they might. Check out his web page on perinatal mental health or follow him on Twitter @DrAndyMayers


Amanda Jenner

Amanda Jenner
Amanda is a mum of 3, passionate about toddler development, developing children’s knowledge of food and toilet training. She is known as the UK’s Toilet Training Expert where she has helped many children around the world and is a favourite with celebs. Make sure to check out our Potty Training videos here.


Dr Bibiana YettyBibiana Yelly on white background

Mum of 3, has been a dentist for 6 years and has a a huge passion for preventative care and restoring smiles in a relaxed, friendly environment. If you need advice on anything teeth related, you can find Bibiana regularly visiting all of the boards, particularly Mum SOS.


Martyn James in a circleMartyn James from Resolver

Resolver is a free tool to help consumers raise and resolve issues. Their goal is to help make complaining quick and easy.

Martyn says “I’m an ex-pat Mancunian living in London Village. I love socialising, exploring London’s weird history, travelling and really, really cheesy pop songs!”  Martyn can be found on our Money Saving and Budgeting Boards and is available to answer all your money related queries here.


Becky & NadiaBecky & Nadia autism experts

Becky and Nadia are the Channel Mum Autism Experts, two outstanding SEN teachers with a combined experience of 20 years educating children and young people with autism, across the full spectrum and in a range of settings.


Gayle BerryGayle Berry

Gayle is the Channel Mum Baby Massage Expert and founder of where she promotes and teaches the importance of positive touch, communication and love through massage and yoga for the healthy development of babies and children. You’ll find Gayle mostly in our Baby Clinic and Mum SOS groups where she’ll be answering your questions on Baby Massage and how it can help with common childhood ailments including bonding as well as Yoga and Infant mental health.


Carly SherborneCarly Sherborne

Carly Sherborne is a Specialist Children’s Occupational Therapist with over 10 years experience in the field of paediatrics, and a Mum of two. Her expertise, as well as her passion is in the neurodevelopment of infants and preschoolers, and the importance of play to support development. Her mission is to support parents to nurture, connect and play with their babies not only for fun, but also for setting the foundations required for their child’s readiness for school years and beyond.


Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts
Lucy is one of our vloggers and she is a primary school teacher, bringing us a wealth of knowledge and advice on all things to do with our kids’ school lives. From getting them ready to start to dealing with exam stress, Lucy will be in our forum to answer any of your burning questions.


The Parent HelpersChat speech bubbles

Our very own Parent Helpers are a group of special mums who have had very specialised training from Emma Kenny. They are here to support you in all aspects of bringing up your families as like you, they all have their unique sets of experiences and skills. No matter what your worry or question, you can be sure Amber, Lisa, Lorraine, Rhian, Jen and Donna will be able to support you across all the boards.

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