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What’s your vice? A daily latte from your favourite coffee shop? A weekly takeaway? Buying magazines you never get to read? Are you worried about your spending and not sure how to cut back? Give our handy money saving tool a go to help you calculate how much you could save if you forgo a few simple luxuries. If you binned your three weekly medium lattes from your favourite coffee shop annually you’d save around £400 that’s a lot of family food shops isn’t it! Give it a try below and come and chat to us in our Money Saving and Budgeting group on Channel Mum now where there’s expert support to help you.

Chat on Channel Mum Got questions about money-saving, budgeting or managing debt? Head on our to our Support Group.

Try our Money Saving Tool

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Did this surprise you? Let us know what savings you could make here. Plus, watch our video on our top ways to save money on days out with the kids.

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