The Channel Mum family continues to grow…

channelmum_channelbadge_circleEveryone who adds their YouTube channel to the Channel Mum website becomes part of the Channel Mum vlogging family instantly. When you add your channel, you’re adding your voice to a growing tribe of mamas showcasing the honest face of parenting every day.

We’re constantly looking through all the amazing videos that have been uploaded every single day to highlight the great content over on our social channels. We send regular emails letting you know what monthly themes are coming up and we shine a light on the best of the bunch with our new Vlog of the Week feature.

Today we’re excited to announce some new sponsored vloggers. A very warm welcome to:

Nilly Dahlia – With two children under two life is never dull for Nilly and husband Ali. They’re mainly wondering why gentle parenting isn’t as easy as the text books make out. She’s getting through life with wipes, breastmilk and coconut oil.

Rhiannon Ashlee – Rhiannon is 23, lives with boyfriend Doug and they’re new parents to the sweetest little baby Delilah. Rhiannon has two vlogs, her vlogging channel (that just hit 100k subscribers last week congrats!) and her main fashion and lifestyle channel.

Pop Rocks Mama – Rhian is 27 and lives in Newcastle, is mum to 8 month old daughter Siena and has just started trying for baby number two.  She vlogs about pregnancy, parenting, babies and fashion.

Lara Jarvis – Lara vlogs about all things beauty, lifestyle and parenting. Lara and husband Stuart have two young sons, Henry and George who both share the same birthday two years apart. We have pastel coloured hair envy if we’re honest.

Lucie Herridge – Lucie vlogs about lifestyle, family and memories. She’s a first time mummy to gorgeous Harry who was born profoundly deaf. He’s a bionic bubba who has Cochlear implants. Lucie just got engaged in Paris too – congrats!

Channel Mum latest sponsored talent

Siobhan at ITV NewsIt’s been a busy time for Channel Mum, after announcing that ITV have taken a minority stake in us last month.  We were busy visiting the ITV news studios this week and here’s our Siobhan wondering what button to press next! We’re still surprised the news came out on time on Tuesday…

Anyway, on to our latest important announcement, our latest round of Channel Mum New Talent Vloggers! The standard again has been so high and our lovely judges have had a really tough time wading through so many excellent applications and working out who to put through. Here are the three lovely girls who will be joining the Channel Mum vlogging team this time:

Kate Bridge: Kate lives in Wales in a small town by the sea with her crazy, noisy and lovely family.  The family spend most of their spare time on the beach and she loves baking, photography and is into fashion and style. She’s a self-confessed big kid and enjoys most of the things her kids enjoy.

Nicola Johnston: Nicola has a one year old daughter and an 11 year old step-daughter and she’ll be vlogging about life as a first time mum, a step-mum, a post-natal anxiety sufferer and sharing all the tips she’s learnt along the way.

Jeorgia Cook: 21 year old Jeorgia is mum to her surprise baby Jax. Newly single, she’s embarking on a fresh start on her own with her toddler. She’s hoping to become a midwife and has just completed a course as a breast feeding specialist. She enjoys DIY projects, photography and cooking.

A big welcome to our three new vloggers, their Panasonic cameras will be winging their way to them next week!

Don’t forget to subscribe to Channel Mum on YouTube and look out for intro videos from Kate, Nicola and Jeorgia appearing soon.

New Channel Mum Sponsored Talent announced

Channel Mum's newest addition
We’re a little late in announcing this month’s newest members of the Channel Mum family because there was much excitement as the stork arrived for our Clem. He dropped off her gorgeous newborn boy called Ezra Jack (if only it was really that easy…).

We’re always astounded by the quality, and quantity, of the new talent applications we get every single month and it’s a tough job for our judging panel to sort through them. Here’s who we’ve selected this time:

Sarah Cantwell: Sarah is mum to daughter Rosalie who is almost one. She lives in Didcot and will be vlogging about her life as a mum and home-maker, plus growing your own and cooking with it and keeping chickens. She says, “I’m not a farmer or an expert gardener. I’m just a normal mum, trying to eat clean and feed her family the best way I can, so that they can all grow and perform to the best of their ability.”

Susie Verrill: Susie has a cute son called Milo and says: “My videos will be funny, but relatable. Although it’s great to see glossy images of motherhood, they’re often not a true reflection of day-to-day life and I’d love it if people could watch my videos and feel like they were just listening to a friend.”

Jules Furness: Jules will be sharing what life is like for her and husband and their gorgeous son Josh who is nearly one. Expect parenting tips, fun, days out and insight into what adoption is really like.

Lucy Roberts: Lucy is a mum of two and is expecting her third baby. Her big passions in life are capturing memories and having lots of adventures. She’ll be vlogging about how a third pregnancy is the polar opposite of a first pregnancy, plus all the exciting adventures she has with her family.

Sarah Nash: Sarah is expecting her first baby any day now. In her own words Sarah is “opinionated, fun, chatty and a says it how it is kinda person.” She’ll be vlogging about her journey going from no children to what it’s really like to have a baby in the house and how it lives up to expectations.

A huge welcome to all these fabulous ladies who will be joining Channel Mum later this summer when they receive their Panasonic camcorders. We’re also delighted to welcome the following vloggers who are (or are about to be) featuring on our channel with a guest playlist: Natasha Bailie, Charlotte Taylor, Rebecca Meldrum, Lisa Lumley, Katie Ellison. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss a thing!

Meet this month’s Channel Mum sponsored talent

It’s been just over a month since we announced the first Channel Mum sponsored vloggers, who have already been making brilliant progress.  And now we’re ready to share the new selection of mums to join our stellar vlogging lineup!  Without further ado:

SJ Ljungstrom juggles being mum to her two sons with her job as a director at a top London advertising agency. She admits to finding life as a working mum a struggle sometimes and will be talking about the challenges and highs & lows, as well as trying to debunk “the myth that career mums aren’t fantastic mums”. is a blog run by Helen Neale, which specialises in offering parents personalised charts to download and print to help kids with anything from potty training to fussy eating.  We’ll be working with Helen to share the charts with mums on YouTube in video format, so if you’re looking for a helping hand to encourage a certain behaviour in your child, Helen’s new channel will be the place to go!

Stacey Leigh had her daughter, who is now nine, when she was just nineteen.  She was a single mum until she met her husband who she has been married to for three years, with a baby boy born last year. Stacey will be vlogging about topics such as how to start a relationship when there are children involved, as well as taking up studying as a mum and getting your confidence back after having children. She impressed the judges with her down to earth personality and ideas for her channel.

Charlie O’Brien joins the Channel Mum stable as a new mum – her little boy is just a few weeks old – and intends to make her channel stand out from the crowd by offering a female & male take on life as parents, by having her partner join her in her videos.  Charlie is a presenter for a national radio station – we’re really excited that she’s stepping out in front of the camera and joining our team!

Laura Oakley is also a new mum.  Aged just 21, Laura’s motto as a mum is “just go with it” and she’ll be talking about how she applies this to everything that parenthood throws at her from the cold, hard truths about pregnancy, to her labour story and beyond.

Charlotte Peach approached us with a very honest idea for her channel. Having developed OCD during pregnancy, Charlotte tried to find videos on YouTube from other mums about maternal OCD but struggled to find anything “as we’re all expected to say how happy we are”.  Charlotte’s channel will see her sharing her experiences of mental health issues and her journey back to a more fulfilled, happy life.

Alex Gladwin is a soon-to-be mum of two, who the judges felt was immediately likeable and watchable. The challenges of juggling a new baby with a toddler is something that lots of us face at some point so we’re really looking forward to watching Alex’s videos about how she gets on with this new stage of motherhood.  Alex is also a strict vegetarian so we’ll be looking out for tasty meat-free inspiration on her channel!

We’ll be sharing an update on how all our sponsored vloggers are getting on very soon – a hearty congratulations to our newest recruits!

Why didn’t you choose me?

If you applied for Channel Mum’s new talent sponsorship, you’ll have heard last week whether you were chosen or not. This post is for those of you who weren’t chosen.

By now, you may have told yourself it was just a silly vlogging competition anyway. You don’t really care. Move on. You possibly didn’t tell your partner or your mum or your friends you applied, and you certainly don’t want to tell them you weren’t selected, so no words of comfort or the companionable “they don’t know what they are talking about” from them.

I just want to acknowledge you and that I know you will have felt at least a moment of the hurt that comes with rejection.  But mostly I want to add to that and to say bloody well done for applying. I hope that doesn’t sound patronising, but I want to say it. You took a risk, you put yourself out there in a very personal way.

You’ll have been told by us that you can apply again. So should you?

We can learn a lot from our children…if they want to do something and fail, you can see them having a bit of think…how much do I want to do this? If the answer is ‘not that much’ they wander off to do something else. If the answer is ‘a lot’ they keep trying. Balancing the bricks, solving the puzzle, climbing the tree.

So ask yourself, was your application a bit of a whim? Or do you really, really want to be a vlogger. If you do, please do try again.

This time, do something different. Ignore every other vlogger out there. What you would tell your children? I think it would be: “Be yourself. People will love you for who you really are”.

There is no formula for successful mummy vlogging. The best way I can describe it to you is by saying we want to recreate the global village of parenting. If you lived in an old-fashioned village you’d have access to the wisdom or company of lots of relatives and friends – the cake-maker, the curtain-maker, the teacher, the one who is good with choosing the right colour paint for your hall, the one who always knows a good recipe or a good remedy…you’d ask their advice and while you were there, have a cup of tea and a chat about your lives. As you found out a bit more about her, you’d come to know her story. You might become good friends, or you might just go back next time you need advice on that subject.

Ask yourself: in this village, why would someone knock on your door? Who are you really? What do you know? What do you love? What are you good at? What is your story?

Introducing…Channel Mum’s Sponsored New Talent

When we launched Channel Mum back in January, we announced that we were looking for new talent to join our sponsorship programme and invited mums across the UK to apply for the opportunity.  It’s fair to say that we were pretty bowled over by the response!

We’ve received hundreds of applications. And along with each application came a unique story: mums who had gone through the agony of trying to conceive for a long time; young mums; mums to children with special needs; earth mothers; career girls; military wives and single mums.  And so many equally unique ideas for YouTube channels and content. Our panel of judges really had their work cut out for them in selecting the first group of channels to offer sponsorship to.

But they did, and today we are delighted to announce the first of the year’s successful entrants.  We’ve selected nine channels for sponsorship.  Some have already begun their vlogging journey; others just have an idea for the shape they would like their channel to take.  We’ll be working with each of them to develop their channel over the coming months and will share their progress as we do so but in the meantime, here’s a glimpse of them:

Lauren Brown: Lauren has two children, aged 8 and 10. Her background was in the fashion industry but she is now a stay-at-home mum who’s looking to “reconnect with her mojo” through vlogging after devoting the last few years to motherhood. Lauren also has a disability and will be sharing the story of how she copes with that with her viewers.

Hey Mummy TV: Katy Pullinger & Anna Cribb have four children aged 3-8 between them and another on the way.  They launched their channel in October 2014, offering two perspectives and two opinions on all-things parenting.

Lauren Hampshire: Lauren is a trained broadcast journalist and producer and mum to her 21-month old daughter. She’s not yet on YouTube but the panel praised her application video for being “cheery but honest”.

Jessica Thornton: Jess is mum to a nine-month old boy and soon to be step-mum, when she marries her “tattooed bloke” later this year. She wants to ensure that her channel has “no sugar coating”.

Isabel Brandon: Isabel was catapulted into motherhood when she fell pregnant whilst living in a house share at university, at the age of 20. She’ll be vlogging about life as a young mum and about coping with the birth of a premature baby, which she has first-hand experience of after her son was born eleven weeks early.

Jen Townsend: Jen is a new mum – her baby boy was born in December 2014.  She describes herself pre-baby as “very career driven, ambitious and focused on my career goals” as well as being very active. She’s now in the process of getting used to a totally new way of life as a mum and will be vlogging about her personal experiences of issues such as breastfeeding, finding your identity as a mum and the impact of having a baby on your relationship.

Maria Noell: Maria describes herself as an earth mother: “barefoot with a love of the outdoors, happiest when camping, passionate about a healthy, centred but active lifestyle”. She became a mum aged 22 and has written in a diary since she was very young and is now excited about turning her diary into a vlog.

Mummy Nutter: Laura juggles her fashion career with having two children under three. In a departure from much of the mum content on YouTube which is focused on diary-style videos and hauls, she wants to make her channel informative and topic-led, sharing her take on issues such as potty training, teeth cleaning, weaning and holidaying with kids.

Rachel Brady: Former party girl Rachel now lives on a farm in Derbyshire and has two children. She’ll be focusing on cooking on her channel and will be filming rural farm-life – complete with chickens – though “it won’t be all perfect and lifestyle porn-y: it will be messy and real”!

So there we have it – the first Channel Mum-sponsored vloggers! We’re really excited about working with each of them to help them realise their vlogging potential. Stay tuned to hear more from them, and if you’d like to apply for the opportunity, you can do so at any time throughout the year.