From Vlog 15 to Vlog 20

We first released the Channel Mum Vlog 15 – our roundup of the top UK YouTube channels for mums – back in December.  And just three months later we’re really excited to say that the Channel Mum Vlog 15 is now the Vlog 20.


We publish the list every month and as we’ve been doing so, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of mums vlogging on YouTube and – crucially for the Vlog 20 – hitting the 1000 subscriber mark, which means that they are eligible to make the list.

This month’s includes a number of newly established channels, including one fronted by celebrity mum Michelle Heaton who has attracted over 200,000 views of her channel since it launched in November 2014.  The ‘Michelle Heaton In Reality’ channel features videos with Michelle vlogging about health and fitness, the red carpet and motherhood, with one of her most popular videos last month offering advice on how to throw a Frozen birthday party.

One of YouTube’s top beauty vloggers Ruth Crilly also makes the list for the first time this month. Ruth, who has nearly 300k subscribers on her channel ‘A Model Recommends’, is pregnant with her first child and has begun vlogging about her pregnancy.  Vloggers need to make at least one family-related video per month to make the list, which means Ruth has joined the other 19 channels in the Vlog 20.

Other channels making the list for the first time include Belles Boutique, fronted by mum Laura whose channel has an impressive 18,000 subscribers and Emma Ross’ Mamalina channel, which just hit 1000 subscribers.

The Saccone-Jolys channel, fronted by vlogger Anna and husband Jonathan tops the combined engagement & reach chart this month, seeing off competition from Louise Pentland’s Sprinkle of Chatter channel, which took first place in the previous two months.  Sprinkle of Chatter was knocked out of the Vlog 20 completely this month, as none of her videos were family-related.

Huge congratulations to everyone who made the list this month – as well as to the many new UK-based channels that are popping up for mums – welcome to the family!

Channel Mum’s inaugural Vlog 15 is here!

Today we’ve released the results of the first ever Channel Mum Vlog 15 index, revealing the top 15 mum-focused YouTube creators for the month of December 2014.

We’ve put together a very clever-sounding algorithm that allows us to rate creators against each other across a range of datapoints to give us an engagement and reach score and then a ranking based on a combination of both. We wanted the Vlog 15 to be not just reflective of creators’ scale (subscribers / views) in the way that most YouTube indexes are, but also to factor quality of engagement with content, and also the creator’s social footprint outside of YouTube.


The much-loved Anna Sacconne managed to cling to her position at the top of the index in both November and December, though in December she was joined at the top by Sprinkle of Chatter‘s Louise Pentland, who achieved the exact same score as Anna. Within the overall 15 there’s a real mix of different interests and specialisms among the vloggers and their content, including grocery hauls, cooking, kids & mum fashion, beauty and money-saving.

December was a busy month for our lovely creators, with many of them participating in Vlogmas, which saw them joining scores of other YouTubers in committing to post every day throughout the month. But despite the number of videos posted by the vloggers increasing by 30 percent between November and December, this didn’t translate into an increased number of views, with the Vlog 15 clocking 3m less views in December vs. the previous month, showing that increased frequency doesn’t necessarily mean more views.


We’ve looked at average watch-time as a key metric in our index, as we know it’s an important part of the YouTube algorithm that determines which content appears organically on the site. Interestingly there was no correlation between the scale of the vloggers’ community and their watch-time, showing that even newer vloggers or those with smaller communities can command impressive watch-times with the right content.

We’ll be releasing the Channel Mum Vlog 15 in the second week of each month for the month previously. We hope it will become a really useful resource for viewers, advertisers and vloggers themselves to assess the performance of mum-focused YouTube talent.


If you’re a vlogger or creator and would like to be considered for the Vlog 15, please get in touch at To be assessed, you must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and have made at least one piece of mum-focused content during the relevant month.

For anyone else who would like more information or to offer feedback about the Vlog 15, please drop us a note at