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1 Week Old

Nothing can quite prepare you for life with a newborn but these videos about the first week of your baby’s life are a must watch for any new mum or mum to be. There’s tons of advice on everything from sleep to what to expect in those precious early days.

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Charlie O'Brien and a 1 week old baby

How to look after a newborn baby

There’s no instruction book when it comes to looking after a newborn baby and newborns happen to need a lot of care and special attention. Find out how to feed your newborn, what routines, accessories or equipment you will need to consider ahead of their arrival and hear first hand from mums, how they survived those intense but lovely newborn days.

From feeding and winding to making sure they’re developing properly, these mums have all shared their stories and advice.

Newborn care and postpartum care

From baby’s first day at home to their first bath, first jabs or first few weeks of nappies, discover the things you need to keep an eye out for with your newborn by listening to our team of vloggers share their newborn days. These mums also share updates on their own recovery after birth so you can know what to expect from your body as well, in the early weeks after having a baby.