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10 Months Old

A 10 month old baby is a lot of fun. Giggly and excited by the world around them, it’s from now that they slowly start that transition from baby to toddler, especially if they’ve started walking. Find out what to expect at this age and stage by watching vlogs from these mums.

At 6-12 months your baby is technically capable of sleeping through the night. Whether or not they do is, of course, a different matter entirely. Get tips and advice on sleeping through the night here.

If baby still isn’t sleeping well it might be worth considering sleep training. Take a look at our guide here.

Charlie O'Brien and a 10 month old baby

Baby development at 10 months old

At 10 months old your baby is likely to start showing their personality more and more. It’s a really fun stage as they make the development from tiny baby to pretoddler. And yes, they will be a toddler much sooner than you think! Some babies even start walking as early as 10 months. See how other mums and their 10 month old babies are doing in these baby diary update vlogs.