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12 Months Old

How fast did that first year go? Suddenly your baby is 12 months old and having their first birthday. Check out what to expect from this age by watching updates from other mums.

Baby ClinicDon’t forget to chat to other mums and experts in our Baby Clinic.

At 12 months your baby is technically capable of sleeping through the night. Whether or not they do is, of course, a different matter entirely. Get tips and advice on sleeping through the night here.

If baby still isn’t sleeping well it might be worth considering sleep training. Take a look at our guide here.

Charlie O'Brien and a 12 month old baby

12 month old baby development

Your baby is somehow one year old already! How did that happen? Find out how other mums are celebrating their baby’s first birthday and discover their progress updates. From words to walking to new experiences these mummy vlogs have captured so much that you can relate to!