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2 months old

Doesn’t time fly? Suddenly your newborn is 2 months old already! Discover what the challenges and development stages are at this age and what to expect from feeding, food, nappies and sleep.

Charlie O'Brien with a 2 month old baby

What to expect when baby is 2 months old?

Your baby is 2 months old! Find out what to expect at this stage! It’s crazy to think they’ve reached another milestone already and those early newborn days are already a thing of the past. You may find at this stage they are finally giving you full on smiles and that is a special moment worth waiting for! There’s also developments with their vision – they can now see 60cm away from their face and will find colours and shapes increasingly interesting. There’s loads of exciting mini milestones at 2 months old and these mums have shared their new baby updates in these vlogs. Watch and see what their 2 month olds are up to, and what you might expect from your baby too!

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