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4 Weeks Old

The first 4 weeks of having a new baby goes by in a blur, before you know it the newborn phase is gone. These mums have vlogged about their experiences, so you can find out what to expect at your four week milestone.

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Charlie O'Brien and 4 week old baby

4 Weeks Old Baby Development

The first month of your baby’s life is a very busy time – for you! Their main concerns are eating and sleeping and you’ll find most of your time is taken up with making sure they’re taking enough milk and are managing to have naps. It can feel like groundhog day at times but it’s a very important time of development for your baby, they’re getting used to the outside world and you can enjoy newborn bonding and getting to know your new bundle of joy. It’s likely that their newborn appearance is already changing lots – their facial features seem to alter a little every day as they blossom from  brand new newborn to a one month old baby. Make sure you take a lot of photos and videos of your little one so you can remember these precious early days.  You might find you spend ages trying to wind your baby or keeping on top of nappies, housework, washing and well wishers, it’s a wonderful but busy time.

These vlogs from mothers with 4 week old babies are really useful at giving an insight into what to expect at this stage  – from motherhood and from your baby. If you have any concerns of course, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor or health visitor – it’s amazing how much there can be to worry about when you have a newborn.