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6 Weeks Old

The sixth week of your and your baby’s life together is full of little milestones that really highlight the rewards of motherhood – from baby’s first proper smile to their first growth-spurt, it’s an exciting time! However, if enjoying your time with your baby isn’t coming naturally, or you’re not feeling quite right generally, your 6 week check up with your GP is a good time to raise your concerns.

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Charlie O'Brien with a 6 week old baby

What can I do to encourage good development in my 6 weeks old baby?

No two babies are the same, but the best way to encourage your 6 Weeks Old baby’s developing senses and awareness is through play; games and toys which rely on sensory ability, like pleasant sounds or soothing colours, are especially good at this stage, as your baby is able to properly enjoy their blossoming senses. Don’t underestimate the power of touch at this stage, either; cuddling your baby is always important, but soft blankets and clothing are able to be appreciated even more by a 6 Weeks Old.