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7 Weeks Old

You’ve had nearly 2 months with your baby – how are you feeling?! This is the stage where your baby’s sleeping pattern should really be starting to settle and become a little more predictable, so you might just start getting some hard-earned rest yourself!

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Charlie O'Brien and a 7 week old baby

What are the common milestones for a 7 weeks old baby?

Whilst most babies are starting to get the hang of day and night at this point, and therefore are sleeping for longer at the appropriate times of day, not every baby will be ready to settle into this routine just yet – some babies just take a little longer to develop this understanding, so it’s no cause for concern. This is also the stage where colic can make itself most apparent, so if your baby is crying more than usual, this may be why, and it’s a good time to contact your GP or health visitor, as they have lots of tips and advice to help you cope.