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8 Months Old

If you have an 8 month old baby you’ll want to see these vlogs. Our mum vloggers discuss what their day to day life is like with an 8 month old and what routines, meals, games and activities work for them.

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At 6-12 months your baby is technically capable of sleeping through the night. Whether or not they do is, of course, a different matter entirely. Get tips and advice on sleeping through the night here.

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Charlie O'Brien and an 8 month old baby

8 month old baby updates

They might be sitting up nicely or may still need a lot of help, but that’s not the only thing you need to worry about with an 8 month old. From teething troubles to sleep regression to belly laughs and discovering that there’s a whole world out there, having an eight month old can be a lot of fun as well as extremely exhausting! These mums have shared their memories and experiences with their 8 month old babies so you can see what to expect from this stage of motherhood! Enjoy!