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9 Months Old

At 9 months old your baby is starting to get super mobile, perhaps they’re crawling around and becoming ever more curious. Catch up with these mums to see how their babies are doing at 9 months.

At 6-12 months your baby is technically capable of sleeping through the night. Whether or not they do is, of course, a different matter entirely. Get tips and advice on sleeping through the night here.

If baby still isn’t sleeping well it might be worth considering sleep training. Take a look at our guide here.

Charlie O'Brien and a 9 month old baby

Baby development at 9 months old

Your baby is 9 months old and is becoming increasingly cheeky and independent! Discover what to expect from your baby at this stage, from their eating, sleeping and behaviour habits, plus much more. These mums have vlogged about their experiences with their 9 month old babies and it makes for interesting – and seriously cute – viewing!