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Babies have a natural sucking reflex and often use sucking on fingers, fists etc as a way to calm and soothe themselves. If they are in discomfort or pain it can relieve this. If you have a baby who likes to suck a dummy can be helpful. Find out more about other baby sleep aids here.

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Advice and tips on ditching the dummy

Using a dummy with your baby

Some research suggests that it is possible that using a dummy when putting a baby down to sleep could reduce the risk of sudden infant death. If you wish to use a dummy then the Channel Mum sleep expert Maggie recommends you wait until breastfeeding is well established (about 4 weeks old).
• Stop giving a dummy to your baby to go to sleep between 6 and 12 months.
• Don’t force your baby to take a dummy or put it back in if your baby spits it out.
• Don’t use a neck cord.
• Don’t put anything sweet on the dummy, and don’t offer during awake time.
• Using an orthodontic dummy is best as it adapts to your baby’s mouth shape.
• If you choose to use a dummy make sure it is part of your baby’s regular sleep routine.
See Lullaby Trust dummy fact sheet for more information.

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