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Whether you prefer cloth nappies or disposables there’s a lot to learn in these vlogs. Tackling everything from changing bag essentials to nappy disasters to how to use cloth nappies, if you have a nappy question, our mums probably have the answer.

Which type of nappy should you use?

Which nappies should I use?

Nappies become a huge part of your life if you’re a mum and who would have thought you’d find yourself researching them? Well it is a big consideration – they’re going to be in your life for a while. Whether you’re wondering if you should go down the reusable or disposable route or are wondering which brands are best or how often to change your newborn’s nappy, there are plenty of vlogs here all dealing with nappies. From when to stop nappies to when to change sizes to how many to pack in your changing bag, these mums have a LOT to say on the matter! Find out more about reusable nappies here.