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Baby Massage

Baby massage is a great way to relax and bond with your baby and it’s very easy to learn. Plus a recent study has shown it can help to improve the symptoms of postnatal depression too. Our Baby Massage Course shows you how to get started, takes you though the steps and also discusses baby massage oils you can use. The recognised benefits of baby massage include, reducing stress hormones for mum and improving symptoms of colic and constipation, coughs and colds, as well as teething for baby. Watch videos from mums below.

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When can I start massaging my baby?

Our baby massage expert advises that you wait until your baby is eight weeks old before starting baby massage, after they’ve had their 6-8 week check. While you wait, watch our Baby Massage Course so you know how to massage, the benefits of baby massage and which massage oils to buy, so you have everything you need when you want to give it a try.

Where can I learn how to do baby massage?

While most children’s centres provide baby massage classes, attending a class isn’t essential as basic baby massage is easy to learn. You can watch videos online or try our free Baby Massage Course. The course introduces you to baby massage, teaches you baby massage techniques, demonstrates how it can be used to soothe a baby and also help ease a range of symptoms.