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Channel Mum Baby Massage Course

Have you thought about trying baby massage but don’t know where to start? The Channel Mum Baby Massage Course has been designed with new mums in mind. Learn the basics of baby massage routines in the comfort of your own home, with expert guidance from our Baby Massage Expert Gayle Berry. We’ll be covering different strokes that help a range of issues, so you can learn a variety of routines. This course is appropriate for all little ones from 8 weeks old and don’t forget to come back each week for the next video.

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Baby massage course

What Are The Benefits Of Baby Massage?

Babies thrive on touch as it’s one of the main senses that they rely on in the early days. Studies show that certain baby massage strokes can really help with issues such as colic and teething. There is also widespread belief that baby massage can increase a mum’s awareness of her baby’s needs and support their early bond, as well as improve her sense of well-being if she is suffering with postnatal depression or other mental health issues.