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Baby Sleep Guide

Baby sleep? This is not a joke! We know how hard it can be to get that baby to go to sleep so we’ve drawn the advice, tips and experiences of real mums to provide the knowledge you need to help get your baby to go to sleep. From routine ideas to sleeping issues and night feeding, these mums have all been there and lived to tell the tale.Follow our expert advice in the Channel Mum series of videos from our Sleep Expert Maggie and find out what worked for other mums and their babies then start looking forward to a decent night’s sleep!

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Follow the Channel Mum Sleep Guide

Baby sleep training

Baby sleep training isn’t for everyone, but for those who are worried about how little sleep their baby is getting at night (or themselves) it can be the answer. Lots of our mums have opened up about their experiences with sleep training and have shared what has worked for them. There are different ways to handle sleep training but remember that every baby is different and it’s a case of trial and error working out what is going to be the right approach for your baby and your family. Find out more about safe sleeping, co-sleeping and controlled crying.

How to get baby to sleep through the night

Getting your baby to finally sleep through the night is the holy grail of parenting for many. There are so many different techniques or schools of thought out there, from co-sleeping to crying it out. We have videos about routines to try, gentle approaches and even tips for the chronically sleep deprived. Find out what your baby’s signs of tiredness are and tips for soothing your baby to sleep.