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Face Painting

Kids love to have their faces painted and it is a great way of finishing off a costume or providing entertainment at a party. Here’s some ideas for some great face painting designs and how to achieve them.

A boy with Tiger Face Paint

How to Face Faint

Kids face painting is simple if you know how. The first step is to make sure you are using paint or makeup which is suitable to be applied to their face. You then need to ensure their face is clean and that their hair is out of the way. Start with the lighter colours of your chosen design first and then add in darker details as you go, ensuring that each layer is dry before you apply the next. Make sure you have good quality brushes or makeup tools as well as a makeup sponge, so you can apply colours to larger areas. It’s important to have a steady hand when applying face paint designs, so you both need to be in a comfortable position.

Where to Buy Face Paint

Many supermarkets sell face paint which will usually be suitable for most simple face painting designs. If you have more unusual facepaint ideas in mind, you may want to visit your local craft shop. Alternatively, large online retailers will have a very wide range of different types available.

How Much is Face Paint?

Prices vary for face paint, depending on where you purchase the paint and the level of complexity of the product. Supermarket face paints tend to cost anywhere from a few pounds to around £25 for face paint sets. Large online retailers will usually have the most competitive prices, but carry the disadvantage of you often having to pay postage fees – as well as waiting for the product to arrive. Face paints from craft stores are usually the most expensive, but also tend to be more unusual and adventurous. Don’t forget to look in your own makeup bag to see if there is anything in there you can use too.