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Child Safety

Keeping your child safe is a priority for every parent, but it can be difficult to know where to start; from first aid, baby proofing, and creating safety rules for your family, these vlogs can help.


Also be sure to check out this child safety warning that every parent needs to see!

young boy holding mothers hand as they cross a street

Where can I find safety tips for children?

From first aid to baby proofing, cyber safety to safety kits for kids, it can be tough to know where to find the best resources for your children. If in doubt, your GP will likely have the details of some organisations that can help, and our vloggers have tonnes, too. From first aid course vlogs to tips on baby proofing, we can help.

How can I promote safety at home?

Although baby proofing is a necessity when your child is still an infant, once they start to grow, it can be difficult to make sure they are constantly aware of keeping themselves safe; however, from creating ‘safety rules’ for your kids, to making sure they know how to contact the emergency services, there are a number of ways to keep them safe, both at home and outside.

What safety rules can I encourage for my children?

You might find the best way to keep your kids aware of their safety is to create rules for them to follow; from not using scissors alone when they’re doing arts and crafts, to having the family computer facing outwards so that you can supervise their time online, it’s important to make sure your children know why they have these rules; if you’re not sure where to get started, some of the vlogs below might just help!