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First Aid

If you were faced with a medical emergency would you know how to react? For example; if someone was choking or having a seizure, would you know how to respond? No? Everyone, and especially parents, should know how to administer basic first aid if the worst should happen.

Channel Mum and St John Ambulance First Aid Course

First aid course for mums

Channel Mum and St John Ambulance have teamed up with TV’s Dr Dawn Harper for a series of videos explaining the basic first aid skills all parents should have, plus how to spot the signs of serious illnesses and allergies, which may require immediate medical attention.

What does the first aid course cover?

Dr Dawn Harper explains the best treatment for burns, how to react if a child is choking, how to perform CPR and what you should do if your child has a seizure. Plus, there’s also advice on allergies, spotting the signs and symptoms of meningitis and sepsis and plenty of information on how to control a fever.