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Back to School

Are your kids starting school or nursery this year? It’s such a huge milestone with so much to consider. Or perhaps they’re going back to school after the long summer holidays?

Take a look below to see how other families have got on preparing their children for the first day of school. Plus, see how back to school has changed for children now, compared to how it used to be for you.

Tips and advice for going back to school

The Changing Face Of Modern Schooldays

A new survey by Channel Mum has revealed that 55% of children are given a new iPad or other tablet-style device as they head back to school.

Kids are also ten times less likely to have a tuck shop selling sweets compared to their own parents’ schooldays. Instead, 75% of modern schools have a healthy lunch-box policy, usually banning nuts and many insisting on low-sugar packed lunch.

On the school run, the number of children walking to school each day has dropped from 81% in parents schooldays to just 63% now, with 33% preferring to use a scooter to make it to the school gates.

The poll also revealed kids are more connected to their pals than in the past as they now check in daily with friends through the holidays on social media.

Uniforms are another area of big change. 32% of parents wore hand-me down togs, while just 14% of modern children make do with second-hand uniforms.

To finish off the school-ready look, one in five girls now don trendy outsize JoJo Bows, compared to 77% of mums who preferred ‘scrunchie’ hairbands.

The post-school routine has also changed radically. 53% of parents had a regular bedtime story, while a third of modern children now watch daily family vlogs on YouTube like The Ingham Family at night-time now.

Back To School

Whether your child is starting school for the very first time or they’re going back to school after the summer holidays, there is so much to consider. From getting the correct school uniform to ensuring your child is confident dressing themselves. Back to school can be a stressful time, but Channel Mum has a whole heap of videos to help you every step of the way.