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School Age Children

Got school age children? Watch vlogs from real mums talking about everything from preparing for their first day at school to advice on activities and books that can help with their development. With school run tips and lunch box hacks there’s plenty of content to inspire you right here.

Education and activities for school aged children

School age children

If your children are at the age of starting school you will probably have a few questions about the whole experience, from how to prepare them for school to things to buy to even asking yourself what kind of education you want them to have. These mums have opened up about their experiences with their school age children and have shared their tips, advice and worries and their individual attitudes towards education in their families. From unschooling and free style education to structured play and academic games there are so many choices when it comes to how best to prepare your school age child for a life of learning. These videos will give you plenty to think about!