Want to make Christmas 2018 your best one yet? You have come to the right place. We have seasonal recipes, festive traditions and tips for a more planet-friendly Christmas below.

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A baby in a Christmas hat in front of a Christmas tree

Have a more eco-friendly Christmas

Fuelled by the drive to cut down on plastic and care more for the environment, a lot of families are thinking about what they buy for their children these days and what they really need. These tips are designed for maximum fun but minimum cost to the planet:

Recycle, recycle, recycle – Lots of the gifts our kids want are wrapped in plastic, as are a a lot of shop-bought Christmas food items. We can do what we can to avoid plastic and too much packaging but until the shops themselves take action it is very difficult to be plastic-free. When we do buy gifts and food that have lots of packaging we can make sure we recycle. Get the kids involved in the cleaning and sorting of recycling and what about making it a family New Year’s resolution to do it all year?
Gifts – Second hand shops, buying and selling sites and re-gifting are ways we can all cut down the impact of Christmas for our families. Making someone something they really want means so much more than shop bought rubbish and time means so much more than tat.
Christmas jumpers – Christmas jumpers don’t get a lot of wear so they are the perfect item to pick up and re-love. Take a look in charity shops and buying and selling websites and groups for bargains.
Secret Santa is your friend – Rather than give cheap tat to everyone why not have a secret Santa with adult family and your work colleagues. You can also take it in turns to have a party at each other’s house to exchange gifts and spread the workload too.
Wrapping paper – most wrapping paper can’t be recycled so why not use brown paper, decorated with ribbons and drawings and channel your inner Hygge.
Buy local – support your local businesses by buying locally crafted gifts and locally grown, seasonal food.
Eat less meat – Lessen the impact of the annual Christmas eat-athon and eat more healthily by trying out some of lovely vegetarian and vegan meals occasionally. This is an easier way to eat seasonally, as well as on a budget.
Glitter – You know it is really Christmas when you see that sparkle of glitter everywhere but did you know that glitter contains plastics and other badies? Google eco glitter to find plastic-free alternatives which mean we can still get our glitter fix.
Reindeer dust – create this using bird feed instead of glitter and porridge and help your local birds too.
What does Christmas mean to you and your family? – Use Christmas as a way of teaching our children what is important – we can make presents together, focus on experiences rather than gifts, spend time with those we love, look through old photos and create more memories by taking lots of photographs to look back on.

Christmas food

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Christmas presents

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