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Advent Calendars

Not sure which advent calendars to get this year? You have come to the right place. From reusable and traditional wooden advent calendars, reverse advent calendars to chocolate and Lego advent calendars, we have videos sharing thoughts on them all.

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Advent Calendars for kids

Advent was originally a Christian tradition marking the count down to Christmas and the Nativity with Jesus coming, The word advent literally means ‘coming’ in Latin and traditionally it was the four Sundays before 25th December which were celebrated, which then occasionally became every day of December. Regardless of religion, these days Advent Calendars can be a great way of marking each day down to Christmas and teaching your children about looking forward to an event. There are plenty of different types out there – from chocolate to toy gifts and they can be made from card, wood or even fabric. Many families like to make their own with reusable calendars which they can personalise with treats they know their children will enjoy. You can also have Kindness and Reverse Advent Calendars which give treats to others.

What advent calendar should I get my baby?

If you are looking for an advent calendar for a baby then it’s a good idea to keep it simple. Why not put keepsakes in it which you could keep in a memory box until they are older. You could even buy or make a reusable calendar which you can personalise and start a tradition of using the same one every year.