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Family Meal Ideas

We all want our families to eat well at breakfast, lunch and dinner; luckily we have plenty of real-mum advice and recipes to ensure that happens. From picnic ideas and meal planning, to easy home baking inspiration and healthy eating options we have it covered. We even have hacks on how to hide vegetables, cater for fussy eaters and ideas on how to make dinners easy, simple and nutritious.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and WinterAnd don’t forget to head on over to the winter section of our Chat & Support Group for loads more ideas!

family meal ideas

Coming up with ideas for family food

It’s so important to make sure the whole family is eating well and staying healthy, but it can be a challenging finding new recipes or even just organising your weekly shop. We suggest meal planning to help get sorted and to feel more in control of what your family will be tucking into each week. Balanced, healthy meals are best – but the odd treat is definitely allowed!

What to cook for dinner tonight?

Wondering what to make for dinner this evening? Try checking out our family food vlogs above to see ideas for healthy, easy meals from real mums.