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Budget Friendly Meals

We all want to give our kids the very best nutrition that we can afford, but what if the purse strings are a little tight? We’ve got you Mama! We’ve put together a whole page dedicated to vlogs and videos about feeding the family for less. From inexpensive yet hearty breakfasts, to cheap yet scrummy dinners, we’re sure you’ll find some inspiration that’s easy on the bank account right here. Your purse will thank you!


How can I feed my family for less?

Food takes up a huge chunk of our family budget each month. The average household spends £83.60 a week on food and groceries!! And that’s not including all of the yogurts and crisps that our kids just have to have. The good news is we don’t need to resort to low quality food just to stay within our household budgets. Meal planning, cooking from scratch and harnessing the magical power of the slow cooker are the secrets to keeping things affordable. It’s time to reign in that weekly shop with the help of Channel Mum! Whether you are looking for dinner ideas or yummy treats, there’s loads of inspiration to be drawn from these vlogs from super savvy money saving mums.