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Healthy eating is so important when you’re a mum, so that you can set a good example and have the energy to deal with the trials of motherhood. These vlogs give great tips and recipe advice on how to bring clean eating into your life, so from snacks to meals there are plenty of ways to eat clean.

Channel Mum tips and recipes for clean eating

Clean Eating: The Basics

Clean eating might sound like a passing food fad, but it really means taking a healthy and conscious approach to your eating habits. Essentially, clean eating is concerned with making sure the journey your food takes from source to plate is as simple as possible. That means increasing your intake of foods which are unprocessed, and as natural as possible. If you’re interested in eating clean then it’s a great idea to make sure that on your next food  shop you avoid products with added flavourings or even other additives like salt, sugar or fat, or ingredients that might have been developed in a lab (if you don’t know what it is on the label then it’s likely it’s not an ingredient in it’s natural or ‘clean’ form). Clean eating is a great way to feel more energetic and more in control of your eating habits. It can also be a good foundation for a healthy family diet.