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Looking for smoothie recipes for kids? You’ll love these mummy favourites. With recipes for healthy smoothies that the children will love, to ideas for breakfast smoothies, energy smoothies and even smoothie bowls, there’s plenty of inspiration for your smoothie making needs.

Smoothie recipes and inspiration

Smoothie recipes for children

Children love smoothies and mums love smoothies too – because they’re a great way to get lots of essential vitamins into your child in a fun and tasty way. Simply blend the ingredients of your choice together! These vloggers have all got a soft spot for a smoothie and have some incredible recipes for you to try out. From the family friendly to the alternative to the indulgent there are plenty of smoothie ideas here for the taking. Smoothie making is a fun way to hang out with your children too – see if you can each come up with a new combination and why not give them names, too!