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Whether you’re weaning from the breast or looking for weaning ideas for baby-friendly meals, these vlogs are a must-watch. Packed with personal stories on how to get baby into good eating habits from the get go these mums have shared their weaning stories.

Tips and help when it is time to wean your baby

How to wean a baby?

Weaning your baby and introducing their first solid foods can be a fun experience but that’s not to say it’s without its challenges. These mums have shared their weaning stories with us, talking about their baby’s first meals, and how they went for baby led weaning or purees or a combination of the two. There are different approaches and considerations when it comes to weaning your baby.

When to start solids?

Generally speaking babies start eating their first solid foods around the age of six months old. It’s a good time to introduce spoonfuls of different purees to try different flavours. In the beginning it’s all about introducing the idea of foods rather than worrying about the quantities – as your baby will still be getting all the main nutrition they require from breast milk or formula milk.

You’ll know when your baby is ready to try weaning when they are capable of staying sitting up and can hold their head steady. If they are able to co-ordinate their hands, mouth and eyes and can feed themselves. The third sign is whether they can swallow food instead of pushing it back out of their mouth with their tongue.