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Fussy Eaters

Looking for help with fussy eating? Take a look below to see how other parents have worked through their child’s fussy eating. There are some great tips to try and some handy recipes, too:

Videos to help with fussy eaters

What are the signs of a fussy eater?

Most children go through a fussy eating stage at some point; whether they’re teething or have just gone off their food, it’s not unusual for a child to be a little bit picky sometimes.

However, some children are always fussy when it comes to mealtimes and this can be incredibly stressful for parents.

Fussy eaters usually have a limited list of foods they will eat and the thought of trying something new can terrify them.

How do I feed my picky eater?

As difficult as it is, the most important thing to do is remain calm. Children can sense when you’re stressed, the more relaxed you are about the situation, the more relaxed your child will be.

Keep trying to introduce new foods whilst offering foods you know they like, too. If it means they eat the same food over and over again, try not to worry, at least they are eating something.

However, if you’re really concerned or you’re worried their fussy eating is getting out of control, it’s always best to seek medical advice.

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