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Body Positivity

Nothing makes you realise how incredible your body really is more than having a baby – after all it’s created an actual human being! But sadly, instead of embracing how amazing our bodies are, we often get wrapped up in body shaming about how they change after pregnancy instead of being body positive.

We’ve spoken to real mums to find out how they feel about their post baby bodies and how their body confidence has changed since giving birth, plus what being positive about their body image means to them.

Body positivity and loving your bump

How to Feel Better About Your Body

Sadly all too many of us struggle with things like body image and self confidence, especially when our bodies go through so much change after having a baby. We’ve brought together videos from mums who have all opened up about their relationships with their bodies. It’s normal to feel both proud of your body and less confident about it after having a child. These vlogs all explore the ups and downs of different mums relationships with their bodies after pregnancy and beyond.

My Body After Birth

Once you have given birth to a child it takes time for your body to heal and to regain its’ former strength. The truth is that in some ways your body won’t ever feel exactly the same and accepting the changes your body has gone through in order to have your child, or children, can take a while for some of us. Try to be kind to yourself and realise that we all only get one body – and we need to treat it well.