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Sex after Birth

Sex after having a baby is one of those topics that we usually only talk about after a good few glasses of wine. Here real mums (and dads) have opened up about what to expect from your sex life after having a baby, with tips and advice on how to get your spark back, as well as the kinds of things that may have changed. From the kinds of worries we usually have, to how to make sex a priority, these vlogs are well worth a watch.

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First time having sex after giving birth

Whether you’ve had stitches or not, a C-section or a natural problem free delivery, the chances are that the thought of having sex after childbirth is a bit of an intimidating one. You’ll no doubt want to enjoy yourself and start feeling back to normal but the first few times of having sex after a baby can be challenging. These mums and dads have opened up about what to expect and how to approach sex after having a baby. There’s lots of candid advice – well worth a watch!