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Exercise and Fitness

Keeping fit is no mean feat when you’re a mum but it’s so important for your health and wellbeing. Here you’ll find some easy workout ideas, workout hacks and pregnancy exercise routines to help you keep healthy and feeling your best. Whether you want to tone up your bingo wings, keep fit during or after your pregnancy or simply want to lose weight, these exercise videos show just what mums can do when they put their minds to it. Looking for some new fitness channels to follow this year? Here’s our 2018 top picks.

Mums share their tips for keeping fit

Exercise during pregnancy

Make sure you take advice from a professional GP before you start any exercise during pregnancy, you need to be careful and much kinder to your body as it’s going through a lot of changes.

Exercise after pregnancy

Getting back into shape and feeling fitter are often priorities for many women a few months after giving birth. It’s natural to want to get stronger but you have to be gentle on your body and make sure you get the all clear to start exercising after pregnancy from a health professional.