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Are you feeling like some much-needed retail therapy? If you can’t make time to get down to the shops or are looking for some inspiration, watch what our Mums have bought in their shopping haul videos of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a beauty haul to cheer yourself up or need to do a last minute back to school haul, we’ve got it covered.

A woman with shopping bags

What is a Haul?

You might be asking yourself ‘what does haul mean anyway?’ Well it’s basically just a good old trip to the shops! You might go on a clothing haul, a makeup haul, or even an online shopping haul from the comfort of your own home. While some shoppers might go on an exotic New York shopping haul, others see them as an opportunity to hunt for the best bargains available locally, so going on a charity shop haul or thrift haul is also very popular.

Many people like to share what they bought and make YouTube haul videos – or broadcast their haul via a vlog – such as these ones from Channel Mum. Watch our wide selection of videos to find out what is currently hot in the shops.