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Birth Plans

Not everyone writes a birth plan, and no one knows exactly how their labour and birth will go, but it can be helpful to think about the things you would like to happen during labour and after the birth. A birth plan can also help others know what you would ideally like to happen, and some women find it gives them a degree of control. So if you’re thinking about where you would like to give birth, pain relief options, and how you would like your baby to be cared for immediately after birth, you’ll find tips and advice from mums who have been there before.

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Making your birth plan

How do I write a birth plan?

It can be helpful to write down the different areas covered in a birth plan and spend some time thinking about each. These include: where to give birth, who will be there with you, pain relief options, types of delivery (for example forceps and ventouse), delivering the placenta and feeding your baby. You can also download a template online. There are several available if you do a quick online search. Also think about anything else that is important to you and that you would like recorded on your birth plan.

Tips for writing a birth plan

Start planning your birth plan in plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed and have time to consider everything. Ask your midwife for help and guidance if you need it. She will be able to help explain pain relief options and any terminology you’re not familiar with and discuss what other mums have written in theirs. Chat to your partner too and how he can support you as a birth partner. Manage expectations and know that sometimes things don’t go to plan, and babies can have other ideas about how they are going to make their appearance into the world!