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Hospital Bags

What do you need to take with you in your hospital bag? Find out the things that came in most handy – you may be surprised by what our vloggers swore by. From the clothes and the snacks, to the birthing accessories that made a real difference, if you’re about to pack your hospital bag, make sure you watch these first.

What do you need in your hospital bag?

What to Pack for Birth?

Looking for a list of things to include in your hospital bag? Why not watch these mums show you what they packed in their hospital bags and hear about the things which really were worth taking with them. When you’re expecting a baby it’s important to get your hospital bag packed well in advance so you’re ready to go whenever baby decides to come. From the usual maternity pads and nappies, to essentials you might not have thought about (lip balm and flip flops!) these vlogs will give you plenty of inspiration for hospital bag accessories for you as the mother and for your baby. Hear about how many nappies to pack, which baby items are required from day one and which creature comforts you might want to take with your for your labour and for after the birth.