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Labour and Birth

After nine months your body will be ready to have your baby and labour will begin. Watch below for birth stories, mums telling their labour story and some live birth footage.

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What are the Signs I am in labour?

Many women have a ‘show’ at the early stages of labour. This is a sign to phone your midwife and let them know that things have started. If your waters break they will usually want you to go into hospital to minimise risk of infection. Contractions are another sign of labour. They can start quite mild – like Braxton Hicks’ and slowly progress, getting strongly and more frequent. Your midwife will advise you when to come to hospital.

Where can I Give Birth?

You can choose to have your baby wherever you feel most comfortable doing so – at home, in a Birthing Centre or at hospital. This will need to be arranged with your midwife early on in your pregnancy and you may need to be prepared for plans changing if you have complications throughout your pregnancy.