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Birth Stories

Discover real mums talking about their birth stories and find out just how different labour can be for everybody. We’ve collated birth stories from the Channel Mum team and other mummy vloggers to share with you. Elective C-sections, natural twin labours, assisted deliveries and home birthing are just a few of the diverse birth stories you’ll find here. What’s your birth story?

Birth stories from Channel Mum vloggers

Birth Stories

Labour can be an intimidating thought so it often helps to hear birth stories from other mamas, the good and the bad. From assisted deliveries to natural homebirths to C-sections or VBACS there are so many different ways to give birth. Hear other mums talk about their use of pain relief and find out the things which helped them through their labours.

Home Birth Stories

Planning a home birth? Some of the mums in our network have vlogged about their homebirths and have shared info on how to plan for a home birth. Make sure it’s something you discuss clearly with a medical professional as well as your midwife.