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Nomadi Daddy Caesarean Birth Story

With a baby measuring large for 38 weeks, Nomadi Daddy and TheTinyMamma head to hospital on Christmas Day for a sweep whilst everyone else tucks into their turkey! With no sign of a baby coming along an induction was booked for Boxing Day. Medical staff realised that the baby wasn’t engaged so it would be dangerous to try induction. Emotions were running high and Nomadi Daddy did an amazing job of looking after TheTinyMamma.

They were kept in overnight and then allowed home for a final night. On the morning of the 28th December they had a planned C-Section. Follow their live posts and birth story below to see how they got on, what sex baby they had and how much their gorgeous bundle of joy weighed! Their birth story will make you laugh, make you cry but it’s all good in the end.

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Why Might You Need a Planned Caesarean Section?

There are a number of reasons that it might be decided that a planned (elective) C-section is the best option. If you have a history of complicated births or Caesareans then it could be recommended. It is also possible that if you are an older mother (over 40) a planned Caesarean is recommended.

The Story on Instagram

Nomadi Daddy and TheTinyMamma documented their journey on Instagram with some beautiful pictures to capture the moment. Comment on Instagram

Instagram birth story for Channel Mum