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Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms are often not the most comfortable to endure. These videos show what it feels like to be pregnant, from those first early pregnancy signs and symptoms, to what it feels like to go overdue. From cramps and sickness to sore boobs and achy backs, these mums have held nothing back.

Signs you are pregnant and what to expect

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early pregnancy symptoms can happen within the first four weeks of falling pregnant and can include anything from feeling tired to feeling bloated to a missed period or sore breasts. It can be extra confusing when a lot of these symptoms are similar to those of getting your period. So when is the best time to take a test? Usually it’s on the first day you expect to get your period but it’s safe to test again a few days later as well just to be sure. The early days of pregnancy might see you feeling excessively tired, or you might have headaches or food aversions. You may even be vomiting or feeling the need to wee more frequently. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it’s a good idea to take a test, just to be sure.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Each week of pregnancy brings masses of new development for your unborn baby and that means lots of symptoms for you to deal with, too. Some women can have fairly straightforward pregnancies, but for others the list of uncomfortable symptoms can be endless. From back pain to heartburn, stretchmarks to sore boobs, vomiting to PSD, acne or piles, pregnancy can be massively challenging for your body.

Our team of mum vloggers have shared weekly pregnancy updates so you can hear first hand what you might be able to expect from that stage of pregnancy.