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We’ve got 42 Channel Mum official midwife approved videos for every week of your pregnancy. You’ll see footage of what your baby looks like every week, hear from mums who are at the same stage as you and hear the good, the bad and the ugly for your week of pregnancy! Plus we’ve got community videos from real mums documenting what their pregnancy is like for the same week as you. From that first pregnancy test, to going overdue, our mums share their latest pregnancy videos weekly.

Discover what it feels like to be pregnant from the early stages of pregnancy to beyond. Whether you’re not sure if you’re pregnant or want to know what to expect at each stage of pregnancy, we have every trimester covered with real mums sharing their real pregnancy journeys.

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Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy can have all sorts of symptoms some of which can often be very similar to getting your period. These week by week vlogs show what to expect from early pregnancies right from those first days after taking a positive test to the onset of symptoms like sore nipples and nausea.

Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy is such an exciting time but it can be very overwhelming and difficult at times. Each trimester of pregnancy presents different challenges as your body undertakes the incredible task of growing a baby. Each week your baby is meeting new major development milestones in your womb so no wonder you’re likely to experience a fair few symptoms of your own.