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11 Weeks Pregnant

At eleven weeks pregnant you’re almost at the end of the first trimester and hopefully you can soon kiss your morning sickness goodbye. These mums have shared their eleven week update for their pregnancies to tell you exactly what it feels like to be at this stage of pregnancy.

11 week old foetus

How Will I feel at Eleven Weeks?

With all the hormones in your body focused on looking after your baby it’s likely you’ll feel out of balance. Things like heartburn or constipation or fatigue are likely at this stage of pregnancy. Your skin may be reacting to your pregnancy hormones as well – either by becoming very dry or very oily. You may also be experiencing the joys of bloating, excess gas or burping – all thanks to the progesterone.

How Big is My Baby?

Your baby is now about the size of a fig at around one and a half inches long! Their little hands are now able to clench into a fist and their legs are getting to work kicking and stretching, although you probably won’t feel this at all at this stage. They’re also able to hiccup, but it will be another couple of months before you notice these movements. What’s more your baby is growing nail beds and in a few more weeks will start to grow finger nails and toe nails, their torso is getting longer and they’re probably having a lot of fun somersaulting and stretching out in all the space inside your womb. They’d better enjoy it now because soon it’ll start to feel increasingly cosy in there!