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13 Weeks Pregnant

Are you 13 weeks pregnant? Discover what to expect at this stage of pregnancy by following the stories of each of these mums with their 13 week pregnancy updates.

13 week foetus

How Will I Feel at 13 Weeks?

At this stage of pregnancy you might start to feel a little more of your old energy returning and hopefully any nausea or vomiting will soon be coming to an end as the second trimester begins next week. You may even see your sex drive return. Make sure you’re eating well and drinking lots.

How Big is My Baby?

Your baby is about the size of a pea pod – at around 3 inches long. Their skin is still see-through but lots is going on at this stage. Fingerprints are forming and the size of the body is catching up with the size of the head. It’s at about this stage that you might notice yourself feeling slightly less sicky. It’s horrid feeling nauseous all the time and the reduction in these symptoms is because the placenta is becoming more developed. You still have a few weeks to go before you find out if you have a boy or a girl baby in there, but it’s interesting to know that if it’s a girl, she already has millions of eggs in her ovaries.