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18 Weeks Pregnant

What should you expect at 18 weeks pregnant? How big is your bump? What symptoms might you have? Watch vloggers share their experiences of being 18 weeks pregnant, talk about the preparations they’re making for the new baby, and show you their bumps!
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18 week scan

How Will I Feel at 18 Weeks?

You’ll probably be feeling your baby moving around quite a bit at 18 weeks into your pregnancy and be getting a few kicks on top of the more gentle movements you might have felt so far. It’s likely that your beautiful bump is now big enough for it to be obvious that you are pregnant – getting on for the size of a melon; expect more people to offer you their seat on the train or bus!

You may start to get more hungry while the changes to your hormones could make you feel more emotional than usual. Hopefully, any pregnancy-related sickness is now a thing of the past and you are beginning to enjoy your pregnancy. Your next scan will no doubt be coming up soon and you might be getting particularly excited if you’re going to find out your baby’s gender! At 18 weeks your baby should already have developed enough for an ultrasound to show whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

How Big is my Baby at 18 Weeks?

Your baby is now about the size of a sweet potato, or a dragonfruit (that’s what one vlogger read – although she didn’t know what a dragonfruit was and neither do we!) and will already be developing unique fingerprints. Their latest achievements include yawning and hiccupping. Meanwhile, the nervous system is getting into gear at 18 weeks, making the connections that will help your little one to see, smell, feel and hear. In fact, they will now be able to hear the sounds in your body – so a spicy curry could make things very noisy for your baby!