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19 Weeks Pregnant

At 19 weeks pregnant your baby may be able to hear your voice. Find out what to expect from your body and your symptoms at 19 weeks of pregnancy by following these pregnancy diary vlogs.

19 week old foetus

How Will I Feel at 19 Weeks Pregnant?

Pregnancy can bring all kinds of different symptoms at different stages and it’s around 19 weeks that you might notice things like breathlessness as the space in your diaphragm reduces. You may experience heartburn and indigestion – things which may last up until your baby arrives. Speak to your GP if you’re finding these symptoms difficult to manage. Some women find their vision can become blurry during pregnancy too – strangely this is due to water retention and normally settles once your baby is born. Still, make sure you mention any new symptoms or concerns to your doctor or midwife.

How Big is My Baby at 19 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby is now heavier than the placenta but still needs to gain a lot of fat before they start to look as cute and cuddly as the newborn baby you’re excited to meet. They’re around the size of a mango and weigh approximately 240g and as they grow bigger you might start to notice flutters of movement from your baby. At first this can be hard to tell whether it’s your gut or your baby, but people sometimes describe feeling their baby’s first movements as popcorn. Their hearing is continuing to develop and they may well be able to hear you now – how amazing is that?