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21 Weeks Pregnant

The second trimester is supposed to be easier, but how are you feeling at 21 weeks pregnant? These mums give vlog updates on their pregnancies week by week so you can find out exactly what to expect at 21 weeks pregnant.

21 week scan

How Will I Feel at 21 Weeks?

You might find yourself feeling a bit silly talking to your bump, but your baby can now recognise your voice and will respond to hearing it. It’s a good time to start thinking about antenatal classes and planning the practical side of having a baby. You should be feeling a bit more energetic compared to the last trimester and this is your window of opportunity to get things done and feel ready before you get too big/tired to do much more! You might start noticing changes to your skin at this stage – maybe you’ll be experiencing acne or varicose veins. These are all fairly normal during pregnancy but make sure you see a doctor before you embark on any course of treatment.

How Big is my Baby at 21 Weeks?

Your baby is already about 27cm long and weighs around 360g. They’re growing all the time and at this stage of pregnancy your baby is now able to blink as their eyes and eyebrows are now fully formed. Your baby is even able to recognise different flavours as they have working tastebuds now. This means the flavours from your diet are passed into the amniotic fluid which they are regularly swallowing as they practice breathing. Your baby is also likely to be fully coated in vernix, too, as this waxy substance protects your baby’s skin from floating around in the amniotic fluid.