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22 Weeks Pregnant

At 22 weeks pregnant your baby is starting to look more and more like a tiny newborn. Find out what it is like to be 22 weeks into your pregnancy by watching these vlogs from expectant mums.

22 week scan

How Will I Feel at 22 Weeks Pregnant?

At 22 weeks pregnant you may well be feeling like you look pretty pregnant, things are only going to grow from here on in, so it’s time to probably invest in a few key pieces that can see you through from your neat bump days to your full blown third trimester bump. It’s fun to shop for baby things but it’s also fun to shop for maternity fashion too!

How Big is my Baby at 22 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby is about the size of a small squash if you can believe it? Isn’t it amazing how much they have grown already? At this stage of development they look like a tiny newborn but there’s still a lot of refinement that needs to be done before they’re ready to meet you. At the moment their pancreas is developing nicely and their little body is working on building up mass and strength and you should start to notice it too as their movements become stronger.