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23 Weeks Pregnant

What will you be feeling and thinking at 23 weeks of pregnancy? Find out how these mums to be feel at this stage in their pregnancies and discover the symptoms, cravings and preparations they’re taking to get ready for their new arrivals.

23 week foetus

How will I feel at 23 weeks pregnant?

At 23 weeks pregnant there’s loads of development going on inside and it’s no surprise that you may be starting to feel a little off balance as your bump starts to grow more. At this stage of pregnancy it’s a good time to start getting things sorted for baby’s arrival – while you still have energy (and more mobility!) From writing a shopping list of nursery bits to figuring out what you want to bring in your hospital bag, it’s always nice to feel prepared.

How big is my baby at 23 weeks pregnant?

Your baby is now as big as a mango and you may well be starting to see little bumps and movements in your bump as your baby grows. Their hearing is now more developed and they will start to get used to the sound of your voice and the everyday sounds and noises around you. It’s fascinating that they are already able to hear – so feel free to talk away to your bump – it’s a lovely way to bond with your baby before they arrive.